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Visa Options

Visa Options

There are various visa categories for staying in the Kyrgyz Republic: the "S" student visa, the "W1" working visa, and the "F" family members visa. Under the current regulations, the "S" student visa does not permit employment during the training . All admitted international students to the International European University are eligible for the "S" student visa. Only teachers are eligible for the "W1" working visa and their family members for the "F" family members visa. 

Students or international staff eligible for a Kyrgyz entry visa must communicate with the Foreign partners cooperation sector or the country's official representatives. Please see on each visa option for more detailed information:

Visa Options

"S"  Student Visa


All admitted international students are eligible for the S visa, which is given for 1 or 3 months. Later it will extended to 1 year.

Dependents (Married Spouses and Children)

Accompanying dependents (spouse and children) receive the F visa and are not allowed to be employed in Kyrgyzstan.  F children may enroll in primary  school.

"W1"  Working Visa


International staff are only eligible for the W1 working visa, which is given for 1 or 3 months. Be advised that it takes one month to obtain work permission after arriving in the Kyrgyz Republic.

Dependents (Married Spouses and Children)

Accompanying dependents (spouse and children) receive the "F" visa and are not allowed to work. F children may enroll in primary school.

Applying for Your Visa

Applying for Your Visa

Congratulations on your admission to the International European University and welcome to the Kyrgyz Republic! The following guide is intended to help students apply for their student visas and subsequently enter the Kyrgyz Republic to begin their academic degree programs. 

Applying for Your Visa

If you are currently outside of the Kyrgyz Republic or stay in the Kyrgyz Republic on a student visa status, please communicate to the International Cooperation Center

Information Page


  • Single-entry visa from 1 to 12 months;

  • Multiple-entry visa from 1 to 12 months;

  • Exit for 10 days.

Pay attention to:

  • Passport validity period;

  • Your contract validity.



You need to submit:

1. Passport (valid for at least 9 months);
2. Fill out the visa application forms:

  • visa application form (VISA APPLICATION FORM)

3. One copy of the current visa (make for yourself a copy of the visa, since when you submit a copy for a new one, the old visa is not returned);

4. 2 photos (size 3x4 cm) on a white background and in non-white clothes that do not blend with the white background;

5. 1 copy of the contract (agreement between the IEU and the student). Check the date of your contract! The visa will be done in accordance with the expiration date of your contract.

6. Certificate of the fee payment from your agent

7. Statement of the residence:

1) If you live in the IEU hostel, you must provide:

  • Certificate of residence, which must be obtained from the hostel manager (only for Sheen Stein Edutech students);

2) If you live in a private apartment (rent; live with friends or relatives) – the owner of this apartment is obliged to register you at the address of the apartment! Before you move into an apartment, sign a rental agreement and pay rent, check with the apartment owner whether he is ready to register you regularly at the apartment address and whether he has all the necessary documents. Discuss in advance with the owner of the apartment about the availability of documents, namely:

  • Notarized agreement from the owner for temporary registration at the place of residence (Нотариально заверенное согласие от собственника, на временную регистрацию по месту жительства);

  • Copy of the technical passport cover of the apartment/house (Копия обложки технического паспорта квартиры/дома);

  • Copy of the owner passport of the apartment/house (Копия паспорта собственника квартиры/дома).

It is important to know: if you are registered at the address, but do not actually live there - this is a violation of the law!


You should submit a visa extension request no later than 30 days prior to your current visa expiry date.

Arrival in the Kyrgyz Republic

Arrival in the Kyrgyz Republic

Welcome to the Kyrgyz Republic!

You need to do two things when you enter the Kyrgyz Republic:

  1. Check your passport to make sure that the boarder officer has put an entry stamp indicating that you entered on a certain date, in a certain visa status, e.g. S

  2.  Print your e-visa form or keep an electronic copy on your phone as you will need it for other purposes.


You must register your arrival with the International Cooperation Center within 5 or 30 days (dependent on citizen country) from the start entry stamp on your passport, otherwise you will pay FINE. For register your arrival you must provide the following documents:

  • Certificate of residence (справка по месту жительства) to be obtained from hostel manager; 

  • If you reside in a rented apartment, please submit the following documents you take from the apartment owner:

  1. The notarized consent certificate from the owner

  2. The apartment technical parameters certificate main page copy

  3. А copy of apartment owner's ID passport.

Please take your passport and visa document for registration at the ICC. If you have F dependents who have accompanied you to the Kyrgyz Republic, please take their visa documents and passports to the ICC as well. The ICC staff will provide important immigration- related information, and will answer any questions you may have.

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